Chinese Students at UPM-GTI


The Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes (UPM-GTI) is a research group on theory, methods, and applications of Digital Image Processing, mainly for compression and analysis. Detailed information can be obtained following the links on Introduction, Activity, Projects, and Standards. The frequent international publications, result of these activities, can be seen following the link on Publicaciones (fifth one in the left hand column).


The UPM-GTI has a long standing tradition of hosting foreign students coming from different continents (Europe, Africa, America, and Asia) and offers openings for Master or PhD in the area of video and image processing. Chinese students can be sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) due to the collaboration agreements between some Chinese Universities and the UPM. In addition, the UPM-GTI gives the infrastructure and associated funding required to achieve a successful result. Our Master and PhD students are enrolled in the Program "Communication Technologies and Systems" of our Department of Signals, Systems and Radiocommunications. After getting the Master degree, PhD candidates will continue their research towards the PhD.

Stemming from close contacts between UPM and Chinese Universities, the following Chinese PhD and Master students have been at UPM-GTI in the last years:



Jihan Li _______________ Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications
Renjie Li_______________Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications
Liang Shi_______________Beihang University, Beijing


Xiaohan Zhang
_______________ Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications


Leigang Luo _______________ Tsinghua University,Beijing


Dongyi Han _______________ Beihang University, Beijing
Shuang Hao _______________ Beijing Institute of Technology
Han Wang _______________ Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications


Xiang Chen _______________ Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
Jianzhu Cui _______________ Tongji University, Shanghai
Huiyo Mo _______________ Tongji University, Shanghai
Su Wang _______________ Beihang University, Beijing
Wenjia Yang _______________ Beijing Institute of Technology


Yu Yang _______________ Tongji University, Shanghai
LiHui Zou
_______________ Beijing Institute of Technology


Yi Jin _______________ Beijing Jiaotong University
Hui Tian
_______________ Beijing Institute of Technology
Xiaodan Liu
_______________ Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications


The UPM-GTI has hosted foreign students coming from different continents:

  • Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia
  • Africa: Tunes
  • America: USA, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela
  • Asia: China, India, Iran