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Cognitive therapy (Incluverso)

Carlos Cortés, researcher and PhD student at the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes (GTI) from UPM, and Marta Orduna from NOKIA have undertaken an expedition out of the lab to drive an innovative approach to cognitive therapy. Their work focuses on the "Incluverso" project, an initiative that uses extended reality (XR) technologies to address specific phobias, such as fear of stairs.


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Incluverso, developed in collaboration with the Juan XXIII Foundation, aims at research in XR and advanced 5G telecommunications technologies that enable the creation of immersive communication experiences applied to therapy, telepresence and tele-training use cases, so that they are applicable to people in psychosocial vulnerability, as a fundamental step towards the development of a fully inclusive Metaverse or Incluverso.

In this context, Carlos and Marta have used a 360 camera to capture immersive images of stairs in calm and safe environments, and thus include them in systematic desensitization therapies to help people with stair phobias.

This approach not only seeks to gradually address the fear of stairs but is also based on the principles of cognitive and behavioral therapy. XR technologies allow for greater immersion of the patient in the environment, providing a sense of presence that can be used as a replacement for in vivo therapies.

The Incluverso project not only focuses on virtual exposure to stairs, but also uses digital biomarkers to study the relationship between cognitive processes and the patient's condition. In addition, research is being conducted on techniques to improve attentional processes and coping with anxiety before feared situations.

The therapy sessions will take place at the Occupational Center for Training, Opportunities and Social and Labor Insertion (COFOIL) of the Juan XXIII Foundation. An experimental group of approximately 10 patients is expected to participate in weekly therapy sessions for six months.

The goal is to provide more accessible and effective therapies to improve the quality of life of those facing these challenges.

The Incluverso project represents a significant milestone in the application of XR technologies in the field of mental health, offering new hope for those seeking to overcome their fears and improve their emotional well-being.

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