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GTI-UPM's 3D mesh coder for MoMuSys
(based on subdivision surfaces)

The files this W³ page points to were last updated by Francisco Morán Burgos on 2000-08-18 -- so they're rather old... If you're interested in getting more recent versions of them, send mail to .

SubdivLogo Zero: Download

My hierarchical 3D mesh coder based on subdivision surfaces runs on both [wonderful] UNIX and [ghastly] Win32 (MS-Windows95/98/NT) platforms. It needs, however, that the GLUT (OpenGL Utility Toolkit) library be installed in your system. The GLUT will use, in turn, the GL and GLU libraries from OpenGL, which can be your system's native ones, or the public ones from Mesa (the Mesa 3D Graphics Library).

Download the precompiled version of my software that suits the «HW» (HardWare), «OS» (Operating System) and graphics capabilities of your system by choosing one of the links below.

HW OS OpenGL File
SGI IRIX 6.2+ native subdiv.IRIX.tar.gz
HP HP-UX 10.20+ Mesa subdiv.HP-UX.tar.gz
PC Linux 2.2+ native subdiv.Linux.tar.gz
MS-Windows98/NT native subdiv.Win32_OpenGL.tar.gz
MS-Windows95 native
Mesa subdiv.Win32_Mesa.tar.gz

Notes regarding...

SubdivLogo One: Install

Let's suppose, from now on, your choice was subdiv.IRIX.tar.gz. Unzip it with
gzcat subdiv.IRIX.tar.gz | tar xvf -
to have the following directories and files created under the current directory:

File Contents
subdiv/index.html This W³ page.
subdiv/Makefile The UNIX Makefile (not in Win32 versions).
subdiv/subdiv2.5D.h The function library public header.
subdiv/subdiv2.5D_priv.h The function library private header.
The function library modules source code.
subdiv/libsubdiv2.5D.IRIX.a The function library binary code (not in Win32 versions).
subdiv/subdiv2.5D.c The main program source code.
subdiv/subdiv2.5D.IRIX The main program binary code (subdiv.exe in Win32 versions).
Three 3D models and their associated details files (to get the unit sphere as the final surface).
More 3D models (with no associated details files).

SubdivLogo Two: Play

Change to directory subdiv and run the program, which will give its usage if invoked without arguments. For instance, run it with
subdiv2.5D.IRIX data
where data is one of the files containing 3D models that you've just downloaded. Then move around and control the subdivision process according to the instructions that the program will also print out in the window it's invoked in (the Win32 versions are what MS-DevStudio calls «MS-DOS console applications», so subdiv.exe must be run from an MS-DOS window).

Optionally, try:

SubdivLogo Three: Understand and/or send feedback

Questions? Maybe my MPEG99/M4488 proposal (144 KB gzip'ed MS-Word97 [sorry for that...] file) or the paper on "Hierarchical 3D model coding with subdivision surfaces" (37 KB gzip'ed PostScript file) I presented at the IWSNHC3DI'99 (International Workshop on Synthetic/Natural Hybrid Coding and 3D Imaging, Santorini, Greece, September 1999) will help you understand what I'm after.

More questions? Comments? Suggestions? Then please, pliiizzz, send mail to