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Welcome to the MPEG-3DGC (formerly, MPEG-SNHC) web site hosted by the GTI-UPM in Spain, where you'll find:

MPEG-3DGC activities @ GTI-UPM

Several people from GTI-UPM have been involved in MPEG-3DGC activities since their very beginning. In particular, Francisco Morán has attended a number of MPEG-general and 3DGC-specific meetings, starting with the 36th MPEG one that was held in October 1996 in Chicago, IL, USA. He was one of the co-editors of the AFX standard (formally, ISO/IEC 14496 Part 16), to which he contributed mainly with a technique for performing «Truly hierarchical coding of 3D models with subdivision surfaces». The work carried out inside the European MoMuSys project, which is described in, was key for developing such a technique.

Acronyms: AFX = Animation Framework eXtension (MPEG-4 Part 16); CE = Core Experiment; GTI-UPM = Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; MoMuSys = Mobile Multimedia Systems; MPEG = Moving Picture Experts Group; SNHC = Synthetic/Natural Hybrid Coding; 3DGC = 3D Graphics Compression.

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