Playing field segmentation




A fully automatic method for segmentation of soccer playing fields


This site contains some supplementary material associated to the detection strategy proposed in [1].

The work in [1] describes a strategy to segment the playing field in soccer images. The combination of a green chromaticity-based analysis and an analysis of the chromatic distortion in the RGB color space, both at the pixel-level, allows segmenting the green areas of the images. Then, a fully automatic post-processing block at the region-level discards the green areas that do not belong to the playing field.

The strategy has been evaluated on two databases (the LaSoDa database and Homayounfar's database) composed of hundreds of annotated images from matches in several stadiums with different grass shades and light conditions. The results obtained have been of great quality in all the images, even in those with the most complex lighting conditions (e.g., high contrast between sunlit and shadowed areas). In addition, these results have improved those obtained with leading state-of-the-art playing field segmentation strategies.



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- Original images:

-The LaSoDa

-Homayounfar's database.

- Results:

Binary masks: One Matlab file per image with the obtained binary masks. 

- Metrics: Excel file with recall, precision, f-score, and IoU metrics. 


[1] C. Cuevas, D. Berjón, and N. García, “A fully automatic method for segmentation of soccer playing fields", Scientific Reports, under review.