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Brainstorm in the Dem3DTV

The 18th of July, Francisco Ibáñez, R&D Projects Director at Brainstorm Multimedia, and Javier Montesa, R&D Technical Coordinator at Brainstorm Multimedia, visited the Dem-3DTV of the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes (GTI), located in in the Support Center for Technological Innovation (CAIT-UPM) in the International Campus of Excellence of Montegancedo. During this visit the different researching lines of the GTI were shown.

The visit was divided into seven demonstrations:

- 3D Graphics and Virtual Reality. 3D building reconstruction, 3D humanoid reconstruction, virtual views etc.




- Video Transmission. 3D streaming systems over IP networks 3D autostereoscopic.



- 360VR Streaming services. Using http streaming as well as DASH technology, stereoscopic cinematic 360VR contents are streamed to a SamsungVR client in a Samsung S7 equipped with Samsung Gear VR glasses. 


- Human-Computer Interaction. Design and development of image and video descriptor for RGB-D images for classification purposes in HCI applications (face detection, hand-gesture recognition, human-action recognition…).



- Quality of experience (QoE) in multimedia services. Quality of Experience in IPTV, 3DTV and Adaptive Streaming systems.



- Geo Registration. Process of assigning 3D-world coordinates to the pixels of an image. It allows UAVs to fly in GPS-denied environments when reference data is available.




- Object detection and tracking. Combination of the readings from multiple calibrated cameras with overlapping fields of view for collaborative tracking.