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VQEG (Video Quality Expert Group) 

The activity of GTI is supported by the Spanish Projects MoViSe "Monitorization of Segmented Video" and TranVideoAdap “Adaptive Video Transformation”. GTI is involved in the following VQEG working groups:

- Audiovisual HD Quality (AVHD) on advanced subjective methods and audiovisual quality integration.
- Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) on video resolutions at HD and above.
- Hybrid Perceptual/Bitstream on objective video quality models that use both the processed video sequence and bit-stream information.
- Immersive Media (IMG) on quality assessment of immersive media, including virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3DTV, multiview.

GTI presented the results of preliminary quality assessment experiments on the minimum bit-rate requirements for the delivery of 360-degree video content (sometimes called 360VR). Some users watched the content seated, while others were standing still or moving around. Assessment outcomes were influenced by user's attitude (position, movement, ...) with respect to content. Therefore, GTI recommends to consider it in the specifications of future experiments.

VQEG is an independent working group where subjective methodologies and objective tools for Quality of Experience (QoE) assessment are discussed, evaluated, and validated. Among other activities, there is a joint project of VQEG and ITU Study Group 12 for AVHD-AS/P.NATS Phase 2. Several objective models, varying in terms of complexity/type of input/use-cases for the assessment of video quality in HTTP/TCIP based adaptive bitrate streaming services are being developed.

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