Advanced Video Coding and OTT Video Distribution



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Advanced Video Coding and OTT Video Distribution  

Narciso García, Pablo Carballeira, César Díaz, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

9th - 11th  Oct 2017 

Ikusi is a multilocal enterprise that provides integrated solutions in the fields of Electronics and Information and Communicaction Technologies. Ikusi´s activities can be divided into three broad areas: systems and services integration for multiple sectors such as Airports, Mobilitiy, Security, Smart Cities and Health; communications network integration; and electronic components design and manufacturing, which includes Multimedia, Remote Control, and Ikusi Electronics.



Advanced Video Coding and OTT Video Distribution 

Video Coding

- Introduction to video coding and video quality assessment.

- Advanced Video Coding.

- High Efficiency Video Coding.

- Implementation of codecs and extensions to coding standards.

- Lab session on coding and transcoding.  

OTT Video Distribution

- Media transmission over IP: IPTV model vs OTT model.

- Implementations of adaptive streaming.

- Distribution of OTT content.

- Omnidirectional content and adaptive streaming.

- Lab session on OTT technologies.