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VQEG (Video Quality Experts Group) - FTV

The 2018 autumn VQEG meeting has been held in Mountain View (California, United States). GTI is involved in the following VQEG working groups: Audiovisual HD Quality (AVHD), Statistical Analysis Methods (SAM), Quality Assessment for Computer Vision Applications (QACoViA), and Immersive Media(IMG).  Within the activity in IMG, Narciso García presented the results of an innovative FTV quality assessment that considered two research questions:

- How the subjective quality of synthesized view trajectories is evaluated? (objective of this talk). 
- How the quality of immersiveness / interaction is evaluated? (not here). 

The assessment analyzed the evaluation of the system (synthesis dependent) versus the evaluation of the content (camera dependent). Therefore, the need for the definition of a reproducible testing scheme (scenario and procedure) was set. So, two different subjective evaluations were conducted: a comparative analysis of synthesis algorithm with SoA methods, and an analysis of synthesis quality in an absolute quality range. Among other outcomes, the study concluded with some aspects that should be precisely defined in the analysis, due to their influence in the synthesis quality: camera setting (arrangement and density), virtual view trajectory, and required lack of reference for some/all virtual view positions

This activity of GTI is supported by the Spanish Project IVME (Immersive Visual Media Environments).