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"Live Immersive Content Production" 

GTI and Nokia teams of 5G-RECORDS have taken a significant step forward in the integration of the "Live Immersive Content Production" use case. FVV-Live, GTI's Free Viewpoint Video (FVV) system, has been adapted and integrated with Nokia's 5G network. The FVV system used for these tests is composed by nine consumer-grade stereo cameras and three Processing Servers (PSs) that capture depth and color video information in real time. This information is sent to the View Renderer (VR), which is in charge of synthesizing the view corresponding to the selected virtual camera position. The VR has been modified to run on Nokia's OpenEdge 5G MEC as a virtual network function, and the PSs and the virtualized VR talk over 5G using mmWave radio in the 28 GHz band (n257). Finally, the resulting virtual view is transmitted to and displayed on a smartphone connected to Nokia's network. The system has been tested working at different picture resolutions and frame rates.

Results from these tests will be analyzed in depth and will help the development and finetuning of the "Live Immersive Content Production" use case.