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ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences

The third edition of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences (IMX), previously called TVX (from Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video, took place in Aveiro (Portugal), from June 22-24, 2022. Under the theme “Interactive Media Brings us Together”, this edition was the first one to offer the possibility to attend in person after two years of online conferences due to the pandemic. The conference also provided the opportunity to participate in an online/virtual space.

ACM IMX is the leading international conference for presentation and discussion of research into interactive media experiences, bringing together international researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, ranging from human-computer interaction, multimedia engineering, and design to media studies, media psychology and sociology in order to present and discuss state-of-the-art research in the field. 

The conference was hosted by the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal) and co-organized by the Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brazil) and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). Among an amazing organizing committee, three members of the Grupo de Tratamiento de Imágenes (GTI). Were involved: Jesús Gutiérrez as general co-chair and Esther Madejón and Daniel Berjón as web chairs. Also, it was supported by ACM SIGCHI, ACM SIGMM, and ACM SIGWEB and sponsored by Altice Labs, Nokia and Sky. 

A total of 187 people registered for the conference (116 in person and 71 virtually) coming from several countries from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. All of them could enjoy an interesting technical program including:

Three brilliant keynotes: Prof. Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn, from University of Georgia (USA), talking about “Designing and Scaling IMX Programs for Community-Level In- terventions”; Álvaro Villegas, from NOKIA (Spain), talking about “Teleporting remote experts with Distributed Reality”; and Prof. Mark Billinghurst, from University of South Australia (Australia) and University of Auckland (New Zealand,) talking about “Empathic Computing: Delivering the Entire Metaverse”.

- A panel about “Diversity in the Metaverse organized by the Diversity and inclusión chairs and with the support of SIGMM to invite distinguished speakers as Mmuso Mafisa (South Africa), Nina Salomons (United Kingdom), Micaela Mantegu (Argentina), and Krystal Cooper (USA) to talk about this exciting topic.

- Five workshops that allowed our community to engage in discussions and gather insights on a wide variety of topics: ‘LIQUE 2022 – Life Improvement in Quality by Ubiquitous Experiences Workshop’, ‘SensoryX 2022 – Multisensory Experiences’, ‘Emotion IMX2022 – Considering Emotions in Multimedia Experience’, ‘Performances IMX2022 – Designing live performances of the future’, and ‘XRWALC 2022 – 1st International Workshop on Analytics, Learning & Collaboration in eXtended Reality’.

- A Doctoral Consortium that provided an opportunity for 6 PhD students to present, explore, and develop their research interests, under the mentorship of 2 Doctoral Consortium Chairs and 3 invited Senior Researchers.

- 19 high-quality regular papers (long and short), 22 work-in-progress reports, 8 demo proposals, and 4 IMX-in-industry talk. All the papers and contributions are published in the official proceedings of ACM IMX 2022 and in the adjunct proceedings (DC, Industry track, and Workshops). 

IMX 2022 was made possible through the hard work, dedication, and generous time volun- teered by a lot of people in the community. After this successful edition, IMX 2023 will be hosted in Nantes (France).

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