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Optitrack 3D motion capture and tracking

A new 3D motion capture and tracking laboratory has been deployed at the E.T.S. Ingenieros de Telecomunicación of the UPM. An Optitrack 3D motion capture and tracking hardware equipped with 12 PrimeX 41 cameras (4 MPixel at 150 fps with 51° FOV) allows real time 3D acquisition with an accuracy better than 0.3 mm and a latency of less than 6 ms within an space of approximately 6x4x3 meters. People must wear special suits, which cover the entire body including gloves, beanie-hat, and foot-covers, for the placement of the passive markers.

Several GTI researchers have used the new facilities and have recorded videos for 3D tracking. One of the recorded videos contains a backflip of a person wearing a suit with 43 markers to facilitate identification and tracking of the trunk and limbs. This is a first step towards the identification and characterization of martial arts movements.

Synchronized capture from all cameras and integration with content creation platforms and virtual reality HMDs provide a complete processing environment for different applications. GTI researchers have developed eXtended Reality (XR) applications that allow users to move freely in real (FVV Live system) and virtual (Epsilon) environments.

The Optitrack 3D motion capture and tracking system has been supplied and commissioned by Target3D Iberia.