REVOLUTION project will improve the quality of life for people remotely connected.

It will develop disrupting human-centric 3D volumetric holoportation technology for XR based immersive multi-party conferencing (aka holoconferencing), XR learning and culture / tourism, enabling higher realism, immersion, embodiment, and togetherness compared to existing solutions so far and, therefore, bringing increased naturalness and quality of both interaction and collaboration. REVOLUTION will provide next-gen trustworthy multimodal IE where users can be hololoported with photo-realistic quality in real-time to explore and richly interact with such environments, and to socially interact, collaborate and share activities with other remote users.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


The created consortium has at its disposal professional quality VR stimuli and environments for their adoption and adaptation in the project and counts with proven skills for the preparation of, and a portfolio of, high quality content productions and virtual environments. In addition, relevant entities, both from the Creative Industries sector and from relevant verticals (e.g. education, entertainment, culture, broadcast…), have shown their commitment in collaborating from the early co-design to the subsequent testing, refinement, validation and dissemination phases of the project. Their involvement will undoubtedly enrich the project contributions and its impact.